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Faith Rising   A personal project.

With its rich cultural diversity, South Africa 's religious and spiritual traditions reflect its diversity in a country grappling with massive challenges on the economic, socio-political and traditional levels.


From the debilitating effect of the Corona Virus Pandemic and its associated national lockdown to 33% unemployment, one of the world's highest murder and crime rates, and from widespread corruption at state level to continued racial divisions, the countries spiritually connected are turning to their God's and spirit guides to find a way forward.


As a photographer, my interest in my countries religious history led me into the houses, churches and temples of many South African's practicing their form of religious or spiritual beliefs.

 Sparked by my own 'spiritual awakening'; my journey to understand and document South Africa's spiritual soul made me realize how interconnected South Africa's history, politics and societies fabric is interconnected with spiritual practice.

These images are an intimate and personal document of people in the moment that they are talking to their God's, ancestors, and spiritual guides.



Faith rising 53.jpg

God / Buddha / Great spirit / Allah / Jesus / Holly Ghost

     From the Ancient spiritual caves of the Drakensberg where 'Sangomas' live to the New Age spirituality of the 'Burners' at Burning Man's African regional event, to the township residents in Durban practicing the ancient Indian art of yoga, and to politically and socially charged religious ceremonies, these images attempt to shed light on the 'Rainbow Spirit' of South Africa and its many God like faces.

    The faith of many millions of South African's has risen as they turn for personal and community support from a higher power and their own inner power to help them through difficult and often changing times.

    Whether it is the ancient shaman practices or the traditional religions of Islam, Buddhism, Christianity or the new age practices of yoga, meditation and other healing practices those that follow the path of spirituality have the support they need.

    My journey to capture these intimate moments continues.


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